Effect Of Laptops On Male Fertility

Could your laptop computer affect your ability to have a child? Research has suggested just that in men. Let’s separate fact from fiction.

As most of us know, it is difficult to get guys to the doctor anyway. When you’re talking about sensitive subjects like this, where there are some social stigmas, unfortunately, it even tougher to get guys in. And it’s very important for men to be aware of this and to be evaluated. There’s a common misconception that fertility is only a female issue, when we know about one in seven couples has some trouble conceiving within a year. And about 20% of the time that solely does a male factor, an issue on the man side. Another 30-40% of the time there’s a male factor contributing. So about half the time, if not more, there’s a male factor involved.

There’s a number of frames that we look at and one is the sperm count, one is the ability to swim, one is the forms or what the shapes look like, so there’s a number of things that can be affected.

There’s been a lot of research looking at heat transferred to the testicles and the effect of heat on sperm production. Men are built the way they are with the testicles basically outside the body, because the optimal temperature for sperm production and survival is 2-4 degrees Celsius less than the core body temperature. Heat transfer from a laptop on the lap can affect the temperature of the testicles, that is what the recent research has shown. And the next step in the studies would be to see the actual effect on sperm parameters. But we know heat affects sperm in a bad way.

The guys that do use laptops on their lap, even if it’s on a pillow or a lap pad, still have enough heat transfer sure, and still really we recommend keeping it on a table or hard surface away during those years where you are interested in preserving fertility and interested in building your family. And I have had a couple of guys anecdotally, that have had the laptop use; they use 1-3 hours a day, would take the laptop off and recheck the sperm count three months later and see some improvement.

My message to men is, basically, this is very common. You are not alone. This is all I take care for every day, so I see men for this every day, you are certainly not alone. And it is a very common thing, there is nothing to be embarrassed by. And there is an easy fix, if you can just change a few things, talk to your doctor about that. Often there are things we can do to improve your odds of achieving pregnancy really.

There is hormonal treatment, there are medical treatments, there are surgical treatments, there are lifestyle modifications, there are all sorts of things that we can do. We can get variables out of the equation sometimes that having a bad effect on man’s fertility.

Erectile Dysfunction – Emotional or Physical

In this article, we are going to be talking about erectile dysfunction and two different kinds of causes: one is emotional, one is physical, and trying to understand the difference.

Let’s get started and took a look at what we have. So what are the numbers for ED? Well, about forty percent of men older than the age of forty have ED. That’s seventy percent of those older than seventy have erectile dysfunction. Forty percent, seventy percent – it is pretty high numbers, so you really want to manage this condition.

Now we can divide the causes of ED roughly into two major categories. The first is physical causes such as disease, injury, and cardiovascular issues. And the second is emotional causes such as stress, depression, and anxiety. And there seems to be also an age breakdown. The emotional component is probably more significant the younger you are, and the physical component is more prominent and important the older you are.

So I have to tell the difference what makes one different than the other and how do you figure out one from the other. So you want to know is it stress or damage from high blood pressure, is it depression, or the effects of diabetes, or some other type of condition.

So here’s how to do it. For most men erections naturally occur at night during sleep but are generally noticed if you wake up with an erection in the morning, you know, morning erections. So the answer seems to be, it’s not written in stone, it’s not hundred percent true for everybody, but there’s a real good indication. You have erections at night, in the middle of the night, or you wake up with erections in the morning, then the cause of your ED is probably something related to emotions.

Now when you say emotionally related people already think “oh, I’m not served as a mental problem”. You know, there’s high levels of stress, you work seven days a week, you have performance anxiety, you’re younger, and you’re not in a stable relationships, you are meeting new partner frequently, and then there’s a whole lot of performance anxiety going on in there. So those are the type of emotional issues we’re talking about. And those can be worked on in some sort of talk therapy just maybe relaxation exercises, biofeedback, those type of things.

But there’s definitely a difference between the emotional causes and the physical causes. And if you have physical reasons, talk therapy is not going to work. If you have emotional issues then treating for a physical condition is not going to work.

If you find that you don’t have morning erections or at night, then you probably have physical issues. And if you have physical issues then the best method I know of to deal with those physical issues barring diseases like MS, or Parkinson’s, or prostate surgery, but is nitric oxide therapy.

The Benefits Of Sex For Women

Today we’re talking about the health benefits of an intimate relationships. Ladies have a lot of stress in their lives, they need to find time both for career and relationships with men, have a healthy diet, do regular exercises and not forget to sleep eight hours a day. Also, it is very important for woman to have sex with her partner. It is essential for female health in general. Sex can extend female life and decrease the chance of heart diseases. Whether you’re in your twenties or your sixties, 40% of US women say they’re concerned about this.

We have some significant health benefits of physical intimacy to discuss. What they are? I already have mentioned some of them, and I think one of the most important things about physical intimacy is that it makes women feel better and improves mood, physical energy and then women take better care of health problems, they better care of themselves. We all know a physical intimacy can be great exercise and that has a lot of health benefits as well. So I think that in addition to physical improvements, having healthy intimate relationships improves the overall quality of life and that’s probably the most important thing.

Isn’t that impact your mood also, are people happier when they are intimate and having a positive experience? Yes. In fact, they are. When they have good relationships it affects everything in a woman’s life: her ability to do her work, take care of her family, engage in all the leisure activities and other kinds of things that inspire her. It has significant overall benefits. The way you interact with your children, you know the mood in the household, it can actually change people’s lives. It’s a game-changer.

Now what kind of issues affect the ability for women to have physical intimacy? Well, there are many domains that can be important in women’s ability to have healthy intimate relationships. It can be:

  • everyday stressors;
  • medical conditions like hormonal problems, such as thyroid disease, child rearing, childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause;
  • and sometimes even medications.

When you talk about the medicine, you see these ads for drugs for men, I mean I know that there’s been the talk of like the pink pill for women. Over the years we’ve had so many options available for men. So treatments for sexual dysfunction that we see commercial at a time – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – we haven’t seen a lot of solutions for women. Certainly, it was a coup for women’s health when the FDA approved flibanserin last year for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder, but truth be told, sexual dysfunction does not affect the majority of women with the sexual concern.

And everyday women really would just like a solution and direct-to-consumer, something that they can get without a prescription, just to give them that oomph in their intimacy with their partner. And so there are herbal supplements on the market, and they are available. It is a product designed to enhance intimacy, specifically desire and arousal in women, it’s fast acting, it’s something that any women of all ages can use. And what it does is that enhances blood flow to a woman, substantially increases arousal which then leads to a responsive desire.

Natural Penis Enlargement Strategies That Works

Are you looking for natural penis enlargement strategy that works? If so, read on. In this article, we will tell you about natural penis enlargement strategies that work. Let’s start.

The strategies that you should try

There are many natural penis enlargement strategies revealed out there. However, not every one of them really works. Some do, some don’t. Here are 4 strategies that really work you’d want to try.



This is an essential stretch exercise which will help warm up the penile muscle. Stretching should be done regularly as it will increase the blood flow through the shaft. Before you start this strategy, make sure that your penis is in a flaccid state. Gently lift your penis, then hold it in a horizontal stretch for a few seconds. After that, bring your penis back to the starting position.

It is recommended to perform five repetitions of this exercise.



One of the most popular strategies for penis enlargement, jelqing, have been shown to bring useful results. The goal of jelqing is to allow a large amount of blood into your penis. This, in turn, stimulates cell division of the penile tissues.

To start with this exercise, all you need to do is to make an OK sign with your thumb and index finger. Before you start, don’t forget to lubricate your penis first. Next, put this OK sign at the base of your penis. Pull your thumb and index finger the length of your penis. Stop the movement when you are at your penis glans. And repeat these steps. It may take a couple of seconds to complete one round. It is recommended, to begin with a hundred strokes per day and gradually making it to five hundred strokes per day.


Ballooning works to enhance your sexual endurances as well as prevent premature ejaculation. However, you will need not only patience but also determination to perform since this exercise requires you to hold back your urge to ejaculate.

That’s right. Ballooning exercise requires you to practice holding your palm on your penis glans or head during orgasm to stop ejaculation. If you do this regularly, it will help to expand and develop the penis’ spongy tissue. Thus, resulting in enhanced size.

Kegel exercise


Doing Kegel exercises will strengthen your PC muscles. As a result, you can achieve prolonged erections. To do this, you need to learn to find your PC muscles first. You can do so while you urinate.

When you are urinating, try to stop mid-stream. PC muscles are the one that you contract. Kegel exercise requires you to contract your PC muscles and holding it for a few seconds.

Is it safe? Is it effective?

Although these strategies might sound simple, they have been proven to bring results.  Just remember, it is important to be careful in doing these strategies. Indeed, you need to follow the step correctly. These strategies are safe and efficient. That is if you do it carefully by following the recommended instructions.